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Acrylic paint on canvas, 40x40cm

Exhibited in Lausanne in 2022 at Espaces Artistes Femmes


"Unleash the Power Within" is a transcendent artwork rooted in the realm of sacred femininity and divine feminine energy, this artwork is a profound exploration of the sacred feminine, the divine essence that resides within every woman.


The canvas comes alive with the dance of the sacred feminine, symbolized by the vibrant interplay of colors and the powerful imagery of vulvart—a celebration of the feminine form as a portal to divine wisdom and creative power. The flames of the sacred fire depicted in the piece represent the untamed energy of the feminine spirit, a force that burns with wisdom, passion, and transformative power.


This creation serves as a visual mantra for the awakening of the sacred feminine, an invitation to embrace the inherent power and wisdom that resides within the core of every woman. It is an ode to the untapped potential, urging the beholder to connect with their own feminine divinity and unleash the dormant flames of creative power.


In "Unleash the Power Within," Anne not only captures the essence of the sacred feminine but also becomes a torchbearer for the collective awakening of feminine wisdom and strength. The artwork stands as a testament to the transformative and healing capacities of feminine energy, transcending the canvas to ignite a spark of empowerment within each observer.


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  • Dive into the ethereal realm of "Unleash the Power Within". This sacred feminine artwork, adorned with vibrant hues and symbolic vulvart imagery, invites you to witness the dance of divine femininity.

    The flames of the sacred fire within the artwork mirror the untamed energy, wisdom, and transformative power inherent in every woman.

    It's a visual anthem, beckoning you to awaken the dormant forces of creativity and wisdom within, embracing the untapped potential of the sacred feminine. In this canvas, Anne not only captures the essence of feminine divinity but sparks a collective journey towards empowerment and awakening.

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