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I am a free spirit, an intuitive, an artist, and a nomadic Soul.


I am French, from the Alps and I've spent most of my life abroad, traveling for my studies, for work and for pleasure. 

After spending 10 years in the cosmetic industry, I changed life completely. I was feeling unhappy and the corporate world was not suiting me and my sensitivity.

Alternative healing entered my life in 2016 after I felt the calling to turn to a new carrier path in holistic therapy. I left Miami and the company I was working for then, and trained in hypnosis and NLP at the NLP center of New York where I certified as Hypnosis and NLP Master practitioner after an intensive 2 months training.

I finalized my energy healing training and went on a huge trip at the encounter of alternative healing methods in the world. For about 2 years, I traveled to Asia mostly, Australia, and New Zealand and ended this trip in South America. I have written a book about my awakening journey, the healing methods I have encountered, and the sacred union. It is also a testimonial of my own healing journey.

Art had an important role in my awakening process and vice versa.

The themes of sacred union and awakening are dear to my heart. This is how art has become, for me, a means of expression and freedom allowing me to honor the sacredness of the feminine, the sacredness of life. 

Now, I live in Seignosse, in the Landes, in France, and I am happy to offer & share all the learnings I have received over the past years in energy healing, therapy and women wisdom around the world, and on my own healing journey.

There are great passages in a lifetime and as an Energy Intuitive, I am able to help you go & grow through these transitions

Today, I can help, support and accompany you through your life transitions. You can discover my malas, my art and my healing practice to see how you can benefit from it.

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