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I started painting a few years ago, without any techniques, just motivation and inspiration coming from my heart. 


That burst of creativity really nurtured me and brought me a lot of calm, tranquility and joy. After attending a mandala workshop, I started drawing mandalas a lot, and then, it came naturally to me, to draw my meditations. When I meditate, I go on beautiful journeys and I wanted to share all those beautiful teachings and adventures through my drawings.

Art had an important role in my awakening process, and vice versa. For the first few years, I channeled light codes. They are geometric drawings that feel like a proper language, emitting a vibration. They are like codes that activate certain energies when we look at them and that accompany, on a universal level, the energies of ascension and awakening that we are bathed in presently.

Art is a proper language and resonates with a vibration that the mind can not always understand but that the Higher Self perceives.​ Each drawing has a specific vibration!

Inspired by the work I did on the sacred feminine and masculine, I dedicated a series of drawings to the feminine, and today, it remains at the heart of my art.

My feminine artworks represent a whole process of awakening and what I also call "my healing journey." Each artwork has accompanied me in healing, expressing my feminine, and taking back my power as a woman.


The themes of sacred union and awakening are dear to my heart. This is how art has become, for me, a means of expression and freedom, allowing me to honor the sacredness of the feminine and the sacredness of life.

This path of healing has led me to die and be reborn regularly.


My feminine art is also a symbol of the source, the matrix, from which we are born, whether material or immaterial, in reference to the physical or divine mother.

In this art, you can often see a lot of things... Vulvas, yes, but also and above all, multidimensional portals and other things that my own filters do not allow me to interpret but that I discover with people sharing their perceptions of my art. For me, art is above all vibratory and allows us to perceive what words cannot convey.


Each artwork makes me travel through unexplored universes. Something bigger than me, and yet, that I carry within me. They allow me to meet all the dimensions of my being while giving me privileged access to my spirit and to the Source.


I also paint a lot of universal vortexes.They represent for me a space, a dimension, or even a place of creation, where emptiness coexists with fullness and where light and shadow intertwine.

The Source of all things... The Mother, the Creator, the Universe, the Cosmos, the Light, the Shadow, the Void, and the Whole.

I felt the calling to connect to this source in my spiritual practices, and it is by drawing it that I seem to get the closest.

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