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TWO, by Anne Paysac, 2018
Acrylic paint on paper, 21x21cm


"Two," materializes as a radiant light code in the form of a mandala. This spiritual artwork is a profound exploration from duality to unity, incorporating the sacred elements of the merkaba and sacred geometry.


In the intricate patterns of "Two," the dance of dualities unfolds harmoniously, converging towards a central unity. The mandala becomes a visual allegory, symbolizing the journey from opposing forces to a harmonious unity, with the merkaba serving as a sacred vehicle guiding this transformative odyssey.


This spiritual artwork invites observers to contemplate the interconnectedness of duality and unity, embracing the profound symbolism within sacred geometry. Each line and curve within "Two" speaks to the soul's evolution, transcending dualistic perspectives towards a higher understanding.


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  • In the enchanting lightcode of "Two," a radiant mandala unfolds, transcending mere geometry to become a beacon of spiritual exploration. This artwork orchestrates a dance from duality to unity, weaving in the sacred elements of the merkaba and sacred geometry.

    The intricate patterns tell a tale of dualities harmoniously converging towards a central unity, much like the sacred vehicle, the merkaba, guiding a transformative odyssey. "Two" invites observers to contemplate the profound symbolism within its sacred geometry, inviting a higher understanding of the interconnected dance between duality and unity.

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