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THE VOICE, By Anne Paysac, 2020

Color pencil on black paper, 21x29,7cm


Step into the empowering realm of "The Voice," a captivating creation rooted in the essence of sacred femininity and divine energy, this artwork explores the sacred feminine through the lens of the throat chakra.


"The Voice" is a visual symphony, where exotic flowers intertwine with the delicate power of feminine expression. The vibrant colors and intricate details symbolize the blossoming of the throat chakra—an invitation to liberate one's voice and embrace the transformative journey of self-expression.


Within the strokes of this artwork, there lies an ode to the divine feminine—a celebration of the inherent wisdom and power found in embracing and vocalizing one's truth.


"The Voice" is a testament to the strength that arises when women reclaim and unleash the potency of their voices, contributing to the collective harmony of the sacred and feminine.


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  • Enter the empowering realm of "The Voice" by artist Anne Paysac. This visual symphony, rooted in sacred femininity, unfolds through exotic flowers and vibrant hues, symbolizing the blossoming of the throat chakra.

    "The Voice" invites you to liberate your voice and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression—a celebration of the divine feminine's inherent wisdom and power. This artwork stands as a testament to the strength found in reclaiming and unleashing the potency of the feminine voice, contributing to the collective harmony of the sacred and feminine.

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