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THE QUEEN, By Anne Paysac, 2021
Acrylic paint on canvas board, 30x30cm

Original Artwork

Exhibited in 2022 in Lausanne, at Espaces Artistes Femmes


THE QUEEN" stands as a luminous jewel within my series dedicated to feminine art, adorned with Vulvart. At its heart, a resplendent vulva emerges, as well as a tapestry of symbols—a portal, a mandorla— resonating with the essence of the feminine. This artwork is a visual symphony, capturing the very spirit of feminine expansion, expression, and the wellspring of all life.


In the realm of "THE QUEEN," the viewer encounters more than a mere representation of the feminine form. An intricate dance of symbols unfolds—a portal beckoning towards unexplored realms, a mandorla encapsulating the sacred union of opposites. The vulva, prominently placed, becomes a focal point, embodying the profound power of the feminine, the source of creation, and the sacred gateway to life.


Beyond its symbolic richness, "THE QUEEN" holds a narrative of reclaiming sovereignty. In my feminine art, I strive to reconcile the viewer with their divine and sacred feminine energy, mending the wounds inflicted upon the feminine in a patriarchal society. It serves as a remedy, offering a pathway to heal the wounded feminine that resides within us all. This artwork becomes a coronation, declaring the feminine's inherent royalty, her queenship within each individual—man and woman alike.


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  • Step into the luminous realm of "THE QUEEN," an artwork from my feminine art series. Adorned with Vulvart and  other symbols, it reveals more than meets the eye.

    A resplendent vulva, a portal to unexplored realms, and a sacred mandorla—a visual symphony of the feminine's expansion, expression, and the very source of life. This artwork is a coronation, proclaiming the queenhood of the feminine within us all.

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