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How would you feel about creating a space dedicated to deep and transformative healing just for you? It's a space I've carefully curated just for you, where you can openly share your thoughts and feelings, release any emotions that surface without fear of judgment, and embark on a profound journey into your shadows and your light, but most importantly, into the depths of your soul.


After experiencing the power of the circle of healing throughout the red tents I facilitate, I created a complete healing protocole. I create a circle of healing just for you. It is your safe space to release everything you want to release.

There are 4 big parts in this 3-hour protocole:

First and foremost, we take the time to settle down within the sacred circle, ground and invoke the energies that will accompany us throughout this healing process. Then, I will lead you to share and release what needs to be expressed. We will also place your intentions for the session.


During the second part of this protocole I will give you a guidance and retransmit the messages I receive for you (either intuitively or with oracle cards, or both).


Then, we will move towards a releasing ritual.


And finally, I will provide you with an energy treatment to complete the release.

What happens in a session depends only on what is available for you at that moment and what we can co-create. 


  • The reconnection to your soul, your path and your sacredness.

  • Soul retrieval & karmic liberation: revisit a soul memory that created a trauma that is still within you on different planes and levels, to transmute this memory with light and bring peace to the situation and blocked energy and reinstall the natural flow of energy.

  • Balancing, alignement, purification, activation, reprogramming of the chakras and the aura.

  • Building a bridge with the invisible realms and receive messages from deceased family members, angels, ancestors and guides etc.

  • Guidance that help bring consciousness to unconscious patterns and release blocked energies through the healing session.


  • A profound healing within yourself and on your deepest wounds (rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice, betrayal)

  • A balance of your feminine and masculine energies

  • More consciousness on your unconscious programs

  • An opening of the Heart

  • A deeper inner guidance from Higher Self

  • Realignement on your soul's path

  • Inner & outer transformations

  • An increase in your creativity

  • A deeper sense of peace, serenity, acceptance and letting go

You can also benefit from this ritual at a distance. I have already experienced it with clients and it has proven to be very effective too.


We find ourselves in an era of profound transformation and ascension. During this time, we are encouraged to let go of any energies that hinder our journey towards expansion, love, personal growth, and joy. Take advantage of this extraordinary period to benefit your well-being. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have before scheduling your session. I'm here to assist you.


  • This Healing Ceremony is a powerful and transformative experience that will help you connect to your deeper self and explore and heal any emotional trauma, stress, and pain.

    Through powerful guided meditations, rituals or exercises, energy healing, and Shamanic journeying, you will be able to reconnect with your inner self and restore balance and harmony within.

    You will have the opportunity to release any emotional blockages, gain clarity, and realign with your authentic truth. 

    This is a journey that will leave you feeling renewed and empowered.

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