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Explore the Path of Your Awakening (Distant & in-person)


Welcome to the realm of soul guidance, where I invite you to embark on a deep and meaningful journey toward the awakening of your being. As an intuitive guide, I bring forth my mediumistic abilities to provide you with insights in the present moment.


At the core of this guidance, we will explore the energies surrounding you, shedding light on any potential energy blocks. We will delve into the depths of your soul, unveiling its unique mission and the messages meant for you.


The guidance may also open a window to the spiritual world, delivering messages from departed loved ones, offering comfort and clarity. Together, we will map out the path for the elevation of your soul, providing you with the keys to progress on your journey of ascension and awakening.


Allow soul guidance to illuminate your path, dispel doubts, and connect you to the inner wisdom that resides within you.


How will it work? 


I will allow the flow of guidance to come to me whenever it is ready for you, and I will record it as a voice note. This guidance may be conveyed through a voice message, intuitive writing, healing with drums or any other instruments that I find suitable, along with oracles, or just pure channeling.


If you have any questions before the guidance, please let me know them in advance.


Just be aware that I do not engage in fortune-telling.


These guidances are intended to help you move forward gracefully on your healing, ascension, and awakening journey. I will mainly address your soul to help unleash any blockages (energetic, karmic, etc.) that might hinder you from reaching your life's goal and optimal energy and potential.


This guidance will then give place to a healing that I will either perform on the spot since energy has no boundaries, and with your permission of course, or through an audio that you will do on your own.


I will assist you in finding your path and clearing your energy or memories that prevent you from doing so.


  • Upon payment, I will proceed with your guidance within the following week.

    We do not have to schedule a specific appointment. I will let you know when your guidance is ready to be sent :).


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