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SACRED FEMININITY, by Anne Paysac, 2020
Color pencil and marker on black paper, 40x40cm

Original artwork


"SACRED FEMININITY" is a profound artwork that stands within my series dedicated to feminine art. This artwork intertwines geometric floral patterns, subtly revealing vulvar imagery, creating a captivating dance between form and symbolism.


The energies embodied in this piece emanate from the core of the sacred and divine feminine, fostering an atmosphere of expansion and uninhibited expression.


The geometric flowers, meticulously crafted, symbolize the inherent beauty and complexity of femininity. Each petal and curve represents a facet of the feminine essence, and the overall composition encourages a contemplation of the interconnectedness between the feminine, nature, and spirituality.


The subtle inclusion of vulvar imagery is a nod to the inherent power and mystery of the feminine form. It invites viewers to explore the depth of their own connection to the feminine energy, prompting introspection and a reconnection with the sacred and divine aspects within.


"SACRED FEMININITY" serves as a visual meditation on the essence of the feminine, calling forth an awareness of the divine within each of us. The vibrant interplay of colors and shapes creates an energetic resonance that goes beyond the visual, aiming to evoke a profound sense of reverence for the feminine in its various expressions.


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  • Embark on a visual journey with "SACRED FEMININITY," where geometric flowers gracefully reveal the subtle nuances of vulvart.

    This piece is a celebration of the sacred and divine feminine, inviting you to explore the intricate tapestry of femininity and reconnect with the profound energies within.

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