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QUEEN V., By Anne Paysac, 2021
Acrylic paint on canvas, 20x30cm


"QUEEN V." emerges as a vibrant testament within my feminine art series, celebrating the divine and sacred feminine with a bold, pop-infused twist. This artwork, adorned with Vulvart and interwoven with symbols, unveils a dazzling panorama where a vivid vulva coexists harmoniously with other potent symbols—a portal, a mandorla—all pulsating in resonance with the feminine.


"QUEEN V." reigns supreme in her queendom, bathed in flamboyant pink hues. It's a vibrant proclamation, a pop-inspired rendition that captures the essence of the feminine in all its expansive glory. The artwork stands not only as a visual spectacle but as a testament to the divine and sacred feminine energy, radiating a healing power.


Within the vibrant pink canvas, the viewer encounters not just an art piece but a catalyst for reconciliation. As a creator in the realm of feminine art, I aim to facilitate a reunion with the viewer's divine and sacred feminine energy, fostering healing for the wounded feminine within.


"QUEEN V." becomes a conduit, restoring sovereignty to the feminine, portraying her as the queen she inherently is within each of us—men and women alike.


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  • Step into the realm of "QUEEN V.," a vibrant icon in my feminine art series. With a flamboyant pink palette, this artwork celebrates the queen within.

    It's not just an art piece; it's a bold proclamation of the divine and sacred feminine, a healing journey for the wounded feminine within all of us.

    "QUEEN V." reigns, restoring sovereignty to the feminine within, a queen in her queendom.

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