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Queen of her queendom, by Anne Paysac, 2021
Acrylic paint on canvas, 30x30cm

Original Artwork

Exhibited in 2022 in Lausanne, at Espaces Artistes Femmes


The themes of sacred union and awakening are dear to my heart and to my art. Art has become, to me, a means of expression and freedom allowing me
to honor the sacred of the feminine, the sacred of life.

For me, art is above all vibratory and allows one to perceive what the words do
can't translate.

Each artwork takes me on a journey through unexplored universes. Something bigger than me and that I carry within myself. It allows me to meet all
the parts of my being while giving me privileged access to my spirit and to the Source.

This feminine art is also a symbol of the source, the womb from which we are all born whether material or invisible, whether it's a physical or divine mother.


My work represents a whole process of awakening and what I also call "my
healing path”.

This path of healing that led me to die and be reborn to myself regularly.
Each canvas has accompanied me in the healing and expression of my feminine and as I started taking my power back as a woman.

This artwork marks that moment perfectly. A peek...

She represents the sovereignty of this feminine that I managed to find, in me, after all these years of quest. This solar feminine, anchored and fulfilled. She thrones, radiant, powerful… She is.


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  • This artwork represents the end of a quest. The quest of a sacred feminity. Radiant, powerful, yet humble, She is...

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