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From the Mala to You...


From the depths of the Earth to the fire of transformation, I am your companion on a journey of emotional balance and inner strength. Crafted with intention and love, I am a mala that harmonizes the energies of Rhodonite and Lava Stone.


I am Rhodonite, a stone of emotional healing and love. My gentle embrace opens your heart to unconditional love and offers profound emotional healing, soothing past wounds, and fostering forgiveness. Let me guide you through the path of emotional healing and growth. As you wear me, feel the soothing touch of Rhodonite's love energy, encouraging you to release old wounds, embrace self-love, and find the courage to forgive.


My partner, Lava Stone, adds a grounding and transformative element to our journey. It ignites your inner fire, empowering you to face challenges and emerge transformed. With each bead you touch, remember that you're capable of profound change. Let me be your anchor in times of uncertainty and your catalyst for personal evolution.


Our journey together is one of resilience, passion, and renewal. Let's walk this path of transformation hand in hand. Choose me when you seek emotional harmony, strength from within, and a renewed sense of purpose. Wear me proudly as a symbol of your courage to embrace change.

INFINITE HEART (Rhodonite + Lavastone)

SKU: 7
  • Introducing the Mala of the High Priestess, a sacred blend of Sandalwood and Lapis Lazuli.

    This exquisite mala is a portal to ancient wisdom, connecting you to the divine feminine's nurturing embrace.

    As you wear it, you'll awaken your inner priestess, stepping into a realm of empowerment, intuition, and sacred connection.

    This journey invites you to tap into your own wisdom, grace, and beauty, guided by the magic of the Great Priestess.

    Embrace the timeless power of this Mala of the High Priestess and discover the depths of your inner mysteries.

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