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From the Mala to You...


Hello dear friend,


I am 'Mystic Sands', a harmonious union of Mookaite and Sandalwood. Crafted with intention and love, I am your guide on a journey of ancient wisdom, balance, and grounding.


Mookaite comes  from the sacred lands of Australia, and carries the whispers of ancient civilizations. It connects you with the earth's wisdom and helps you embrace change with a sense of inner stability. This stone is your key to unlocking the secrets of the past and integrating them into your present.


Sandalwood, with its calming and grounding essence, brings serenity to your heart and mind. It is your companion in moments of stillness and meditation, connecting you to the timeless flow of existence.


Together, Mookaite and Sandalwood create a symphony of ancient wisdom and inner peace.


'Mystic Sands' Mala is your tool for grounding, balance, and unveiling the wisdom that resides within you. Embark on this journey and rediscover the ancient echoes that shape your soul.


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  • "Mystic Sands" is a captivating fusion of Mookaite and Sandalwood. This extraordinary mala is your gateway to the ancient wisdom of Australia, a land deeply intertwined with the energy of Mookaite.

    Mookaite, a stone rooted in the rich history of Aboriginal civilizations, connects you to the timeless knowledge of this sacred land. It resonates strongly with the Earth Star Chakra, grounding you in the energies of Australia's mystic sands.

    Mookaite is often associated with the Earth Star Chakra or the "root of the root" chakra. This chakra is located below the feet, beneath the soles of your feet, and is believed to connect you to the Earth's energies, grounding you and providing a sense of stability.

    Mookaite's grounding and stabilizing properties make it a popular choice for working with the Earth Star Chakra. It is thought to assist in deepening your connection to the Earth and the energies of the natural world. This connection can be particularly valuable for those seeking to enhance their sense of security, stability, and rootedness in their physical and energetic bodies.

    Sandalwood's calming aura enhances your meditation, creating a bridge to the spirituality of the land down under. Together, they offer a journey of inner exploration and connection to the profound wisdom of ancient cultures.

    With "Mystic Sands," you're not just wearing a mala; you're embarking on a spiritual odyssey.

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