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From the Mala to You...


Greetings, dear seeker. I offer you a warm embrace from the heart of ancient wisdom. I am the Mala of the High Priestess, a potent union of Sandalwood and Lapis Lazuli, crafted with care to awaken your inner goddess.


Within me, the soothing energy of Sandalwood dances with the profound magic of Lapis Lazuli. Holding me close, you'll feel the whispers of ancient Egypt, where the power of the Great Goddess Isis flows through my azure depths.


Lapis Lazuli, a treasure of the ages, links you to the wisdom of forgotten times. It serves as a portal to the realm of the divine feminine, the nurturing embrace of the Great Mother. Just as Isis once illuminated the path of transformation, this sacred stone helps you explore your inner mysteries, reclaim your divine essence, and nurture your intuition.


As you adorn yourself with my beads, you're invited to step into the role of the High Priestess. Allow my energies to awaken the priestess within you – the one who holds ancient secrets, walks between realms, and dances with the moon. Let your voice be the voice of the goddess, your actions guided by her grace.


The journey we embark upon together is one of empowerment, intuition, and sacred connection. Through the rhythm of your breath and the touch of my beads, you can access the wisdom that resides within your own being. Let the tranquil aroma of Sandalwood infuse your space with a sense of serenity as you embrace the power of the divine feminine that courses through your veins.


With my addition of Lapis Lazuli, we open a gateway to profound insight and inner knowing. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, wisdom, and self-expression. It enhances your journey of self-discovery, encouraging you to embrace your authenticity and speak your truth with clarity and confidence.


As you wear me, know that you are tapping into the lineage of priestesses who came before you. Feel their strength, their love, and their guidance flowing through the ages to support you on your path.


May our journey be a tribute to the timeless magic of the Great Priestess, and may you find within yourself the reservoir of wisdom, grace, and beauty that she embodies.


With love & magic, Your Mala of the High Priestess...


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  • Introducing the Mala of the High Priestess, a sacred blend of Sandalwood and Lapis Lazuli.

    This exquisite mala is a portal to ancient wisdom, connecting you to the divine feminine's nurturing embrace.

    As you wear it, you'll awaken your inner priestess, stepping into a realm of empowerment, intuition, and sacred connection.

    This journey invites you to tap into your own wisdom, grace, and beauty, guided by the magic of the Great Priestess.

    Embrace the timeless power of this Mala of the High Priestess and discover the depths of your inner mysteries.

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