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KUNDALINI, by Anne Paysac, 2018
Marker on paper, 21x21cm


As you immerse yourself in meditation within the heart of the "Kundalini" mandala, a fascinating transformation unfolds. The center begins to ripple with the shamanic energy of a snake, its subtle hiss echoing the spiraling ascent of Kundalini's flows.


This lightcode reveals insights into potential blockages within the throat and sacral chakras. Through the gentle awakening of vital energy, it offers a serene release of stagnation, allowing the life force to flow more smoothly through the energy centers.


In a beautifully organic revelation, the mandala bestowed upon itself the name "Kundalini," encapsulating the essence of this spiritual odyssey.


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  • Meditating with this artwork unveils a dynamic dance at the center of the "Kundalini" lightcode. As you delve into its core, a serpentine energy emerges, hissing softly and ascending the spine, entwining through the chakras as the Kundalini energy gently awakes.

    This transformative lightcode not only reveals the sinuous presence but also highlights potential blockages in the throat and sacral chakras. Through a gentle awakening of vital energy, it encourages a fluid release of pent-up energies, allowing them to cascade through the energy centers seamlessly.

    Naturally, as the drawing came to life, the whispered name "Kundalini" resonated, capturing the essence of this spiritual journey.

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