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IN WONDERLAND, By Anne Paysac, 2020
Color pencil on black paper, 21x29,7cm


"In Wonderland" is a captivating creation, emerging from the realms of sacred femininity and divine feminine energy. This piece is a vibrant dance of colors, an exquisite manifestation of the yin and yang, and a celebration of the sacred feminine's power and wisdom.


The canvas comes alive with a kaleidoscope of hues, intricately woven into exotic flowers that symbolize the unique beauty and strength of the feminine spirit. The yin and yang elements harmonize, portraying the delicate balance between softness and strength, receptivity and assertiveness.


The dance of colors in "In Wonderland" is a visual symphony, reflecting the awakening of the sacred feminine. Each stroke tells a tale of empowerment, inviting the observer to embrace the profound wisdom and untapped power within. The vulvart imagery serves as a portal, a visual journey into the depths of feminine divinity.


This artwork is an enchanting invitation to explore the wonderland within, where the sacred feminine reigns supreme, and exotic flowers of empowerment and wisdom bloom endlessly. "In Wonderland" is not just a visual feast but a spiritual odyssey, a testament to the transcendental beauty of the feminine spirit.


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  • Step into the enchanting world of "In Wonderland" by artist Anne Paysac. This vibrant artwork, a dance of sacred femininity and divine energy, unfolds as a celebration of yin and yang. Exotic flowers bloom, telling tales of feminine strength and beauty. A visual symphony that invites you to explore the wonderland within, where the sacred feminine's power and wisdom bloom like exotic flowers—a timeless testament to feminine spirit.

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