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GALAXY, by Anne Paysac, 2018
Marker on paper, 21x21cm


Embark on a cosmic journey with "Galaxy," a celestial artwork created. Born from the realms of cosmic artistry, this artwork is a symphony of light codes, celestial art, and the vast expanse of the cosmos. The canvas becomes a portal to a celestial realm where the cosmic dance unfolds, revealing the mysteries of the galaxy.


"Galaxy" is a visual ode to the intricate codes of light that traverse the cosmos, creating a celestial language that transcends earthly boundaries. The energy of celestial people emerging from this artwork invites viewers to contemplate their connection to the vastness of the universe.


The mandala at the heart of "Galaxy" serves as a cosmic map, guiding viewers through the intricate patterns of the celestial dance. Each stroke on the canvas echoes the harmonious vibrations of the cosmos, offering a glimpse into the interconnectedness of all things.


As you gaze upon "Galaxy," let the celestial energy infuse your being, sparking a sense of wonder and connection to the cosmic tapestry. This artwork is not merely an expression on canvas; it's a transcendent experience that invites you to explore the boundless beauty of the cosmos.


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  • Dive into the cosmic realm with "Galaxy," a celestial artwork, adorned with intricate light codes and celestial enegies, that serves as a portal to the mysteries of the cosmos.

    The canvas becomes a dance floor where celestial energies and cosmic vibrations intertwine, inviting you to explore the boundless beauty and interconnectedness of the universe in every stroke.

    "Galaxy" is not just art; it's a transcendent experience, a visual journey into the awe-inspiring tapestry of the celestial dance.

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