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Fallen Angel, by Anne Paysac, 2020
Acrylic paint on paper, 21x29,7cm


"Fallen Angel" is a profound creation emerging from the depths of feminine artistry. This piece delves into the complex realms of the fallen angel archetype, exploring the concept of the dark night of the soul and the transformative journey of shadow work.


The canvas unfolds like a nocturnal symphony, capturing the essence of the fallen angel's descent into the shadows. Within the deep hues and intricate strokes, the artwork symbolizes the profound exploration of one's inner darkness—a necessary and courageous journey for rediscovering light within one's shadows.


"Fallen Angel" serves as a visual guide through the night of the soul, an artistic expression of the shadow work process. It invites viewers to confront their own shadows and find illumination within the depths of their being.


This spiritually charged artwork encapsulates the essence of reclaiming one's light amid the darkness—a powerful narrative within the realm of sacred and feminine art.


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  • Dive into the depths of the soul with "Fallen Angel" by artist Anne Paysac. This poignant artwork, born from the heart of feminine expression, delves into the shadows of the fallen angel archetype.

    It invites viewers to confront their darkness and embark on the transformative journey of shadow work. "Fallen Angel" is a visual narrative of rediscovering light within one's shadows—a courageous exploration within the realm of sacred and feminine art.

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