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DIRECTION, Anne Paysac, 2018
Marker on paper, 20x15cm


Within the captivating essence of 'Direction,' a cosmic dance unfolds, revealing the delicate interplay between yin and yang energies.


This light code serves as a profound exploration of the sacred balance inherent in the union of feminine and masculine forces. The artwork beckons you to delve into the harmonious convergence, seeking the elusive equilibrium where these energies intertwine gracefully.


It is a visual odyssey, inviting contemplation on the intricate dance of life forces. 'Direction' emerges as a beacon, guiding seekers to the serene point of unity where the dance of opposites becomes a rhythmic flow towards a harmonious existence.


Each stroke and hue convey the essence of a balanced journey, urging you to find your path within the celestial symphony of energies.

The yin-yang harmony encapsulates the essence of the sacred union, offering a visual narrative of the intertwined dance of opposites that propels existence forward.


As you immerse yourself in the canvas, you may find a resonance with the equilibrium sought in your own life's journey. 'Direction' becomes a contemplative space, inviting you to embrace the balance between feminine receptivity and masculine assertion, fostering an alignment that resonates not only within the canvas but echoes in the very core of your being.


This artwork is an exploration of unity, a meditation on the cosmic forces that guide us, and an invitation to find your direction within the harmonious blend of dual energies.


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  • Embark on a visual journey with 'Direction,' a light code resonating with the harmonious dance of yin and yang energies.

    This artwork invites you to explore the sacred union and balanced fusion of the feminine and masculine forces.

    Discover the equilibrium point where these energies converge, creating a harmonious path forward. 'Direction' serves as a spiritual compass, guiding you towards alignment, balance, and the serene unity of these fundamental life forces.

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