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ALIGNMENT, Anne Paysac, 2018
Acrylic paint & marker on paper, 21x21cm


"Alignment," unfolds as a radiant light code in the form of a mandala. This spiritual artwork delves into the sacred realms of alignment, sacred geometry, cellular reprogramming, and the harmonious convergence of body, mind, and soul.


It also serves as a conduit for galactic and celestial healing.


In the intricate patterns of "Alignment," the mandala becomes a visual symphony orchestrating the alignment of cosmic energies. Sacred geometry intricately weaves through the artwork, symbolizing the precision required for cellular reprogramming and the holistic alignment of one's being.


Each line and curve represents a pathway towards the harmonization of body, mind, and soul, creating a resonance that extends to celestial and galactic realms.


This spiritual artwork acts as a portal, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound dance of energies and the healing potential embedded in its design.


"Alignment" beckons individuals to connect with the cosmic forces, facilitating a transformative journey towards balance, wholeness, and celestial healing.



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  • Step into the luminous tapestry of "Alignment," where the sacred geometry of a mandala converges into a radiant lightcode. It serves as a portal to the harmonious alignment of body, mind, and soul.

    Intricate patterns weave through the artwork, symbolizing the precision required for cellular reprogramming and the cosmic dance of energies. Each line and curve resonates with the promise of balance, inviting viewers to explore the profound interplay between the celestial and earthly realms.

    "Alignment" is an invitation to connect with the cosmic forces that orchestrate healing and unity. As you engage with this lightcode, envision the transformative journey towards wholeness and celestial healing.

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