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Life is not always the easiest ride and after experiencing myself highs and lows, meeting my darkest shadows, and also encountering my greatest light, I am happy to humbly share with you a variety of services to help you transition through life's great passages and move forward gracefully on your path.

As I journeyed around the world, I learned a lot about alternative healing methods and trained in various healing practices:

  • Hypnosis & NLP Master practitioner (at the NLP Center of New York 2016).

  • Energy intuitive (Reiki Master, Level I & II in Miami, with Lorraine Meyer and Master level in Bali, with Cat Wheeler 2016).

  • Red Tents and Women Circles facilitator (with Tanishka The Moon Woman, in Australia 2017).

  • Rites Of Passage facilitator (with Tanishka The Moon Woman, in Byron Bay, Australia 2018).

Taking my power back has been a big theme for me for the past years as well as reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine & Masculine energies within me. 

I offer services to provide you with knowledge and tools to own your self healing journey and accompany people looking to connect to their soul, I also offer energy healing to help you move forward on your spiritual journey and awakening process.

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