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THE REAL MATRIX, Anne Paysac, 2020
Acrylic paint on paper, 23x23cm


"THE REAL MATRIX" stands as a captivating piece within my series dedicated to feminine art, featuring the distinct presence of Vulvart. At first glance, the observer is drawn into a visual exploration of the feminine form, encountering not only the vulva but also a symphony of symbols. The artwork unfolds like a sacred narrative, revealing a portal, a mandorla, and other resonant symbols.


The vulva, placed prominently, serves as a potent symbol of feminine power, creation, and the gateway to life. Yet, it is not merely a singular element; it is part of a larger cosmic dance. The inclusion of a portal suggests a transcendence of boundaries, an invitation to explore realms beyond the ordinary, echoing the idea that the feminine holds the key to profound mysteries.


The mandorla, or almond-shaped aura surrounding the central vulva, symbolizes the sacred intersection of the feminine and the divine. It represents a merging of opposites, a harmonious balance between the earthly and the spiritual, encapsulating the essence of creation and the sacred birthing of existence.


In alignment with the theme of feminine expansion and expression, "THE REAL MATRIX" transcends its literal elements, becoming a visual hymn to the source of all life.

It invites viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of the divine, the feminine, and the cosmic matrix from which all beings emerge.


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  • Dive into the depths of "THE REAL MATRIX," a visual tapestry of feminine art.

    Beyond the striking presence of Vulvart, this piece unveils a symbolic journey—a portal to other realms, the sacred mandorla, and the eternal dance of creation.

    It's an ode to the feminine as the cosmic matrix, the source of all life.

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