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From the Mala to You...


Hello, dear soul,


I am the Carnelian and Sandalwood Mala, your companion on a journey of sacred balance and rejuvenation.


My heart is infused with the vibrant energies of Carnelian, known for its deep connection to the sacred chakra. Together with the soothing embrace of Sandalwood, we'll explore the realms of both feminine and masculine energies, nurturing harmony within.


Carnelian's warm and loving presence gently guides you toward the sacred core of your being. It's a stone that celebrates both the sacred feminine and sacred masculine within you, promoting healing and balance. As we walk this path together, Carnelian helps you embrace your inner strength and creativity, restoring your sacred energies.


With each bead, you'll feel the sacred dance of Carnelian and the calming essence of Sandalwood working in harmony. Let me be your guide as we journey towards healing and rejuvenation. Carnelian's vibrant energy ignites your passion, while Sandalwood's soothing touch brings tranquility to your spirit.


By choosing me, you choose to embrace your divine balance, nurturing both the sacred feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. Wear me with pride as a symbol of your harmonious journey toward a revitalized and balanced self.


With love and sacred balance,

MY SACRED FIRE (Carnelian)

SKU: 10
  • Introducing the 'My Sacred Fire' Mala, a harmonious blend of Carnelian and Sandalwood. This sacred mala is your companion on a journey of renewed energy, creativity, and emotional healing.

    Carnelian, closely connected to the sacral chakra, ignites your inner fire, enhancing vitality, creativity, and emotional balance. It embraces feminine energies, fostering intuition and compassion.

    Sandalwood, with its calming and grounding essence, aids in relaxation and meditation. It brings peace to your mind and connects you with the present moment.

    Together, Carnelian and Sandalwood create a symphony of vitality and serenity. This mala is your tool for balanced energy, creativity, and emotional rejuvenation. Embrace the 'Vitality Fusion' and awaken your inner fire.

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