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ISIS, By Anne Paysac, 2018

Acrylic paint & marker on paper, 21x21cm

A lightcode with the Egyptian priestess energy, but not only.


This lightcode helps anchor energy in the heart chakra. I’ve always thought that grounding is not only from the root chakra but also and more importantly grounding comes from the heart chakra.

Once our heart chakra vibrates to its optimal vibration, and all the veils of trauma and wounds have been released, the heart chakra fully opens. When open, we feel more love and compassion towards ourselves and others and the word protection does not even make sense anymore. When fully grounded in our heart, life & love flow naturally!


This lightcode will help ground in the heart and anchor new consciousness lightcodes in our DNA to reprogram our system. It helps move from the 3D consciousness to the 5D consciousness and be more aligned with the higher frequencies of love accompanying the release of lower vibrations in the heart chakra.

In addition, this artwork is echoing the divine presence of the Egyptian goddess, a spiritual tapestry interwoven with themes of sovereignty, goddesshood, and ancient Egypt.


This artwork is a visual coronation, a radiant expression of the sacred authority embodied by the goddess Isis. It not only illuminates the divine figure but symbolizes the direction and guidance she provides.


The symbolism of Egypt adds layers of meaning, inviting viewers to connect with the timeless wisdom of this ancient civilization. As the goddess Isis is associated with accomplishment and fulfillment, this artwork serves as a testament to personal and spiritual triumph. It helps embrace inner sovereignty, and navigate one's journey with purpose, as well as bask in the glow of one's own spiritual coronation.


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  • In "ISIS," Anne Paysac captures the Egyptian priestess energy through a light code, focusing on the healing of the heart chakra. This visual coronation symbolizes the sacred authority of the goddess Isis, offering guidance and direction.

    The artwork encourages a shift from 3D to 5D consciousness, aligning with higher frequencies of love. Echoing ancient Egypt's symbolism, it invites viewers to connect with timeless wisdom, triumphing in personal and spiritual fulfillment, embracing inner sovereignty, and journeying with purpose.

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