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INTERCONNECTION, Anne Paysac, 2018
Acrylic paint & marker on paper, 20x20cm


"Interconnection," is a celestial artwork crafted that invites you to embark on a cosmic odyssey. Born from the essence of cosmic artistry, this piece is a dance of light codes, celestial art, and the profound interconnectedness that weaves through the cosmos.


The canvas of "Interconnection" serves as a cosmic crossroad, where energies from different corners of the universe converge and interweave. Each stroke on the canvas is a testament to the intricate dance of cosmic forces, creating a visual symphony that resonates with the interconnected nature of all things.


The celestial codes embedded in this artwork transcend the boundaries of the earthly realm, forming a celestial language that speaks to the unity underlying the diversity of the cosmos. Viewers are invited to contemplate their place in this vast cosmic tapestry, recognizing the threads that connect us to the stars and to each other.


As you gaze upon "Interconnection," feel the cosmic energies pulsating through the canvas, igniting a sense of wonder and recognition of the universal dance in which we all participate. This artwork is more than a visual feast; it's an invitation to explore the profound interconnection that binds us to the cosmic dance of existence.


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  • Step into the cosmic tapestry with "Interconnection," an enchanting creation by the visionary artist Anne Paysac.

    This celestial artwork intricately weaves light codes and celestial art, beckoning viewers to a cosmic crossroad where energies from diverse corners of the universe converge.

    Each brushstroke tells the story of interconnected forces, inviting you to ponder your place in the vast cosmic dance. "Interconnection" is not just a painting; it's an invitation to explore the profound unity that binds us to the celestial symphony of existence.

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